Tunisia – Decades of struggle lead Tunisian women to the Parliament

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Tunis – Tunisia 05/10/2019

Tunisian women have held various positions in various aspects of the country since former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba assumed constitutional power in 1957, but their parliamentary representation was poor until 2011, Tunisian women’s struggle brought them to the dome of parliament after the revolution, winning 48 out of 217 seats in the Constituent Assembly and contributing to the drafting of the country’s new constitution, to return in the 2014 elections and win 35% of the seats in a parliament of 68 seats, making Tunisia top the list of Arab countries in terms of women’s participation in parliament and political life in general, so that Tunisian women impose themselves in Decision-making places as a result of their belief in society and the importance of women’s role in political life and public affairs.

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