Syria: ISIS recruits children to prepare them as suicidal bombers

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The phenomenon of ISIS recruitment of children by in Syria became widespread during the last period as the majority became of children and adolescents who are under 18 years and they are often used as soldiers to become suicide bombers or as elements of the checkpoints or for purposes of gathering information from neighborhoods under their control due to their easy and unnoticed movement.

Children that did not exceed fifteen years old became recruits in the ranks of ISIS in Syria, and the organization exploits them in a horrible way, by throwing them to death, every child in different way, every child that is recruited in the ranks of the organization is on a date with death as long as he’s still with the organization.

In the ranks of the organization some children die by their own hands, which the organization worked to change and reprogramed their minds to be ticking time bombs set off by the regulation to use it anytime.

Guard tasks in the towns that are occupied by the organization entrusted to children who received insufficient military training over a very few weeks, the children are accustomed to implement their commanders orders without discussion after their brains and hearts have been washed in the regulation courses, children are scrambling between their fear of the elements of the organization and their passion for the promises and the illusions planted by the organization in their heads.

Fragile temptations and false promises made by the organization for the children who their few life experience did not drift them to detect deceit and falsehood of regulation. The obvious truth demonstrated in front of their eyes after having examined the life of the organization who callled them as infidels and other ugly descriptions.


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