Yemen : Wall art expresses Condemnation of abductions .

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Young men and women in the Yemeni province of Taiz condemned the abduction of civilians, journalists and politicians in the light of the conflict hanging over Yemen, through drawing pictures of the detainees and abductees on the walls in the province in a campaign that called (Humans greater than walls).

“Human greater than the walls” is the title of the campaign that people in Taiz expressed through it their condemnation of the kidnapping and detention of civilians and journalists and politicians in Taiz and other provinces in the light of disputes and conflicts looming over Yemen.

volunteers in this event decorated Yemen’s crumbling walls due to the shelling it exposed to by pictures of the detainees and abductees in a letter directed to the interlocutors in Kuwait that the priority in the negotiations must be given to liberate the kidnapped, as freedom will be achieved only after their release.

The most important message of this event is to refuse the war in Yemen and the pursuit of safe and free Yemen.


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