Palestine: Gaza bamboo industry, a craft nearing extinction.

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Bamboo industry is one of the traditional handicrafts famous in Gaza, and the organizers of it warn of its extinction due to the siege imposed on the sector and rising prices of raw materials such as straw, bamboo, staples and others.


Bamboo industry is one of the traditional handicrafts famous in Gaza which was passed down by ancestors. It consist of manipulation of Bamboo into furniture with varying shapes to become a main component of every Palestinian home.
In the workshop, the bamboo imported from Singapore, China and East Asia, passes through several steps until it takes the desired final shape, it starts with preparing the temple or the main body of simple material then softened using fire and made into desired shape.
Many obstacles are facing the profession of bamboo industry most importantly the occupation of the Gaza Strip which greatly affected the import of timber bamboo from the outside, and the absence of training courses to master and learn the craft and preserve it from extinction.



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