Tunisia: Terrorism file dominates the meeting of the Arab Maghreb Union

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Tunisia launched the sixth session of the meeting of interior ministers of countries of the Arab Maghreb Union to discuss the deteriorating security situations and the terrorist threats taking place in the Arab Maghreb region, particularly Libya.

During a conference of the Arab Maghreb Union in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, where the terrorism file dominated on the discussions of the meeting in light of the sensitive security situation witnessed by Morocco region and its neighbouring countries, as incurred many risks of it especially the phenomenon of terrorism, which is threatening the security and stability of the Arab Maghreb Union countries.

Participants at the conference called for the necessity of cooperation between the Maghreb countries to maintain the unity and sovereignty of the region from the dangers of ISIS and try to reduce the phenomenon of trafficking in arms and human beings, and the spread of extremist ideology and deportation of young people to trouble spots.

In the same context, the Tunisian Interior Minister Hadi Majdoub stressed that this meeting aims to discuss the security situation in the Maghreb countries and its environs in the light of the security threats posed by terrorism. Adding that Tunisia is facing, like other countries in the Arab region, unprecedented risks that threaten its national security and targeting its political stability, and its economic and cultural institutions.

At the conclusion of the conference was the signing of the meeting, which includes four items focused on studying and discussing the security situation in the Maghreb countries and its neighboring countries and seeking ways to strengthen the Maghreb cooperation in addressing security challenges.



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