Tunisia: The second Arab International Forum for Justice for Palestine

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The Tunisian capital Tunis emraced the second Arab International Forum for Justice for Palestine in the presence of nearly 400 Arab and international figure in solidarity with the Palestinian people.





In conjunction with the Palestinian People’s National Prisoners Day and demanding the liberalization of prisoners from Israeli forces came in the Tunisian capital, the second Arab International Forum to discuss the case of the Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails, since the Palestinian case is the most important of Arab’s issues.

The audience stressed the need to expedite the composition of legal committees stable and permanent to hunt down the Israeli government where this point was described as positive by attendants, as it emerges from this annual forum.

On the other hand, participants called for the need to support the Palestinian case and emphasized the need to expand the culture of resistance and secure the third Palestinian Revolution path while ensuring exceeding the divisions and disagreements and calling for melting in one resistance movement that serves the public interest of the Palestinian people.

It is noteworthy that the first session of the Forum was held last year in the Lebanese capital Beirut to eliminate the disagreements and the Palestinian divisions and unite the Palestinian territories.



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