Bahrain: Al Areen Wildlife Reserve in the heart of Bahrain

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Al Areen Reservation and zoo area in Sakhir in Bahrain is rich in local flora and fauna in Bahrain as well as those from Africa and South Asia in a protected area extending over eight square kilometers as one of other protected reservations in Bahrain.

Al Areen reservation in Sakhir area in Bahrain features more than one hundred thousand plants and trees and more than fifty species of animals and more than ninety species of birds. Of the species found in the park are the Arabian Oryx which is an endangered species and addax (which is rare in the wild), dama gazelle, giraffes, Nubian ibex, wild goat, barbary sheep and Asiatic onager are also present. The park also employs a captive breeding policy of endangered species.

Al Areen Wildlife reserve covers a total of 800 hectares, divided into two parts, each consisting of 400 hectares. A dedicated portion for the audience while the other part is the back-up area is equipped with surface reservoirs for plants and animals. The reserves have undergone multiple renovations in the past decade, added to the Arab wildlife complex and Falcon Square Garden and zoo was established.



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