Tunisia: A new model for Oud in Carthage musical festival.

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Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma held a press conference in the Tunisian capital Tunis within Carthage Musical Festival to announce the invention of a new Oud machine made of carbon fiber, designed and implemented by the young Tunisian Taher Ben Souissi.





Within the events of Carthage musical festival, the Iraqi oud player Naseer Shamma tested an Oud made of carbon fiber, an invention of the Tunisian researcher Taher Ben Souissi during the industrial exhibition of Carthage Musical festival.

Tunisia’s new invention was based on wood and carbon fiber, and it is a quantum leap in the field of Oud industry while maintaining the spirit and heritage of it. And perhaps this discovery will provide for Oud lovers the opportunity of owning one with lower costs.

On his side, said the young Tunisian Taher Ben Souissi that this innovation is his project thesis and is able for the development and support to get better results as it’s based on the aesthetic of its sound then the durability and finally the aesthetic luster, and considered that this invention is the result of years of study,and the first invention of its kind in Tunisia.



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