Yemen: Aden drowning in Rainwater

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A number of Aden citizens were displaced due to drowning of the city with rainwater which raided the inside of their homes and destroyed everything forcing them to flee for their lives and the lives of their children for fear of inevitable drowning leaving the citizens utterly homeless without shelter.




Another tragedy on the people of the city of Aden after the rain swept through homes and soaked streets casting another shadow on the people of the city, where a number of citizens fled to safer places, hoping to escape for their lives and the lives of their children and the fear of death by drowning which left them utterly homeless and without refuge.

More than a hundred homes flooded by torrential rains and cracked the walls and destroyed all of the properties where rain water mixed with sewage water which worsened the situation and threatens with coming health disasters.

The citizens started moving and caused a suffocating traffic due to the rainwater that filled streets leading to different districts of Aden province.

The infrastructure of the province of Aden was destroyed largely due to the ongoing war in the city



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