Tinisia: Carthage music festival

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The Tunisian capital, Tunis, embraces the third session of Carthage music festival, which is regulated once every two years under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and the preservation of the Tunisian heritage, and it attracts musical producers from the Middle East and all over the world.


Over the whole week, the Tunisian capital Tunis is embracing the third edition of the Carthage Musical Festival and Tunisia is living these days to the tune of the music at the festival, which was launched by a concert titled “Perfume” and is the latest work of the author, composer and Tunisian pianist Mohamed Ali Kammoun.

A journey of fantasy and creativity in the Tunisian heritage blended with authenticity and modernity, which is a mix of traditional Tunisian music, jazz and symphonic and visual arts and music inspired by the Tunisian Privacy in all its kinds.

The third session of the Carthage festival music in its new-look, will be exceptional and distinct from its predecessors which includes forty musical shows divided over eleven states of Tunisa.



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