Gaza: water pollution

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Palestinian Gaza Strip suffers from the mixing of sewage with seawater and groundwater as a result of wastewater treatment plants crashes which leads to the spread of epidemics and diseases and pollution of the marine environment.


Continuation of the blockade in Gaza and power outages for more than twelve hours a day, things are no longer limited with material damage results to citizens, but the sector has become facing a crisis in the operation of sewage treatment plants, forcing municipalities to pump in sea water pools assembly without treatment and cause the spread of diseases and epidemics in residential neighborhoods

Citizens are appealing the two governments in Gaza and Ramallah, to find urgent solutions to end the sewage crisis before it escalates and spreads diseases widely where water seeping into groundwater and drinking water and agriculture.

Citizens also suffer from the risk of wastewater pools and its approach to the residential areas as well as gases and odors emitted from them and what brings rodents and insects forming a threat to its surroundings.

Water Authority in Gaza Strip in its turn, explained the reasons for the worsening crisis in the sector, which date back to the lack of treatment plants that run on sewage treatment.

It is noteworthy that Gaza Strip is witnessing a siege since the 2006 war, and economic and political problems keep showing up during the ten years and the suffering of the population is increasing day by day.



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