Syria: A show displaying Yazidi Children drawings in Newroz camp

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Yazidis children expressed their suffering and tragedy in Newroz camp in northern Syria through drawings and sculpturs they display in schools in the camp, embodying what they have experienced before leaving Sinjar at the hands of ISIS.

The managment of Yazidis refugees in Newroz camp arises a cultural project which creates several events for children with the aim of recreation for themselves and getting out of the atmosphere of wars that they have seen the consequences of after ISIS storming to their areas of Sinjar in Iraq.

The center displays the talents of children in the camp, which creates several events such as theatre, music, dance, folklore and some educational materials, as well as graphics that embody the suffering they have experienced before they came out of Sinjar.

The exhibition witnesses a great turnout of the children who are participating and looking for an opportunity For joy and cheerful atmosphere, away from wars, murder and terrorism.



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