Yemen: The suffering of kidney patients in Taiz.

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The dialysis center in the Revolution Hospital in Taiz receives dozens of cases that need to wash everyday in the light of the continuing decline in the availability of treatments for kidney failure inside the center and the difficulty of obtaining them from outside.


The dialysis center in the Revolution Hospital in Taiz suffers from receiving large numbers of everyday situations that need to make the kidney washing, while the hospital is facing a severe shortage in the availability of medicines and treatments in addition to the shortage of medical devices.

The war has caused in the province along with the blockade, increasing in the number of patients with kidney failure as a result of the bombing and destruction that have been witnessed, in addition to the inability to provide the hospital withthe required treatments and medical devices.

The hospital has been subjected to numerous strikes and shelling that targeted the kidney dialysis center, which increased the suffering of the sick and the weakening of the services provided to them and increased deaths due to the disease.



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