Palestine: Islamic Antiquities in Gaza

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The Antiquities vary in Gaza and is considered an evidence of the civilizations that came to the region, some of which was built in the Mamluk and Ottoman era as part of the Islamic civilization, which still exist in the region.

The landmarks of past centuries spread in the Gaza, which is considered an evidence of civilizations that came to the region, most notably the Islamic civilization in different eras. There are antiquities built in the Mamluk and Ottoman times still existing in the region, which is still a popular destination for visitors, as it overlooks the history which cemented its roots in the region.
Pasha Palace stationed in the Aldurj neighborhood with buildings returning to the Mamluk era, the palace was the headquarters of Gaza mayor in Mamluk and Ottoman times. The palace was recently restored overseen by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, it has separated from the Zahra Secondary School for Girls, where some palace rooms we used as administrative offices of the school.
Another milestone located near the Pasha Palace, the Sultan Abdul Hamid pond known as Rifai pond. It has been established in the sixth century AD during the Ottoman era, a Warbler by holding tapered openings were fitted with pipes to pull water from the basin. It was built by Bahram Ben Mustafa Pasha and renewed by Rifat Bek , and refurbished again in the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1318



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