Tunisia: Tunisians celebrate Independence Day

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Associations specialized in heritage “Traditional costume” organized a celebration of the National Day of the traditional costume in Tunisia showing various Tunisians fashion and clothes that reflect the richness of the Tunisian civilization. These cultural campaigns seek for the definition of heritage of the Tunisian product and encourage young people to wear traditional costumes in growing wave of modern fashion.





In the 60th celebration of the Tunisian independence, the streets are witnessing an exceptional movement to celebrate the day with traditional outfits of its various types to introduce the ancient heritage of the Tunisian people which goes back to the past centuries when these outfits were worn on daily basis.

The Tunisian women wore the traditional outfits known as “Safsari”, “Alshashia” and “Kaftans” while the Tunisian men wore the Tunisian robe “Aljiba”, “Alfarmala”, “Alprince” and “Albalgha” which all represent the traditional clothes the Tunisian stopped wearing daily.

The atmosphere was filled with brass music as it is the first Tunisian music heard after the announcement of independence in 1956 in Alhabib Bou-Ruqaiba Street which is one of the landmarks of Tunisia.


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