Iraq: Kurds celebrate Newroz day

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The Kurds in Iraq and Syria are celebration Newroz day despite the war from all fronts against ISIS organization and their economical crisis. This shows that they are holding on to the custom of celebrating the Eid which is the first day of the spring season of every year.





Newroz represent the ability of goodness and the strength of its victory over evil to the Kurds in Iraq who celebrate it with the beginning of spring every year despite what their region, Iraq and Syria are going though during their war against ISIS and the economical crisis they are facing.

The Iraqi Kurds light Newroz torch in all Kurdish cities while the gun voices still rings from the battles of Kurdish Peshmerga forces more than a thousand kilometers in fronts in their battle against ISIS.

Kurds are looking to achieve their wishes in the independence and the formation of an independent Kurdish entity including nationalities and religions that coexist in the region during Newroz Day which roses or the Earth in Latin.



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