Tunisia: Musical instruments

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Musical instruments industry is the most important traditional crafts in Tunisia which have been passed through generations and one of the most important areas for this industry is Bab Souqia market.



Tunisia is known for various music types and the popular traditional kind is the most desired to the Tunisians since it still maintains its originality.

Almazoud instrument is one of the most important in the Tunisian folklore and it is a necessary part of all celebrations and weddings due to its rich history. It is made of goat skin and some dry long canes wrapped by strong threads to express delicate emotions.

The traditional drum (Darbakeh) is another popular traditional instrument made of clay and gives amazing rhythms’ with different tones. It is a percussion instrument used in all Tunisian weddings and its place is still reserved among Tunisian instruments.

All the instruments mentioned and many other instruments express the Tunisian folklore that is famous for unique art.



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