Syria Democratic forces announce Alshaddadi liberation from ISIS

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Syria Democratic forces announced the end of the 2nd phase of liberation the Southern Suburbs of Alhasakah by the liberation of Alshaddadi from ISIS which was the source of terrorism in Aljazeera district after a fierce battle ended with the loss and escape of ISIS with the loss of lives and weapons.




Syria Democratic forces were able to liberate Alshaddadi city of Southern Alhasakah Suburbs from ISIS after a battle that lasted for days which led to the death of many organization members and the escapes of those who could.

This means that Syria democratic forces were able to cut the most important supply line for ISIS in the Iraqi city “Mosul” and Alraqa which are the main locations for ISIS organization.

The campaign comes after the distress calls from the people of Alshaddadi after the terrorist organization turned it into a market to sell the Yazidi women and children. Alshaddadi people couldn’t find the words to express their happiness and their appreciation to Syria Democratic forces and all forces that participated in the liberation of the city.



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