Russian bombing affects medical and food supply to Homs Suburbs

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The continued Russian bombing on Northern Homs Countryside cut all medical and food supplies road to the region.


The residents of Northern Homs countryside are suffering from cutting the Medical and food supplies roads to Talbiseh, Alrastan and Houla due to thecontinuous Russian bombing on the region and nearby villages causing a suffocating siege.

Reports are warning from repeating Madaya scenario in Northern Homs countryside with 13% children, 25% Pregnant women are suffering from moderate to severe malnutrition and 14 cancer patient out of 34 died from absence of medical care. The renal failure patients are also suffering from lack of necessary medications as many hospitals and medical centers stopped working due to the Russian bombing.

It’s also possible that medical facilities and field hospitals are collapsing due to the lack of equipment and medication indicating the repetition of Madaya scenario from the Russian bombs and the suffocating siege on towns and villages of Northern Homs countryside.



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