Animals are used to transport goods in Taiz due to the siege

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Taiz residents are suffering from the shortage of food and medical products due to Alhouthi siege which lasted for more than 6 months but a new light of hope illuminated the city residents via Talook crossing and the supplies road between Saber and the surrounded city.



Alhouthi siege on Taiz forced the residents to find an opened road to supply the people with food and their only solution is to use animals to transfer food products from Talook crossing between Taiz and Saber via mountains which were recently opened to give the people hope in the nearing city liberation.

Taiz people are carrying the food products on their heads doing their part to liberate the city even if the load is too heavy for their weak body and feet that is wounded from the rough roads. They walk under the burning sun with national spirit to return life to Taiz city.



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