“Rmelan” city in Syria is the Main target for ISIS for oil and gas abundance

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The Syrian oil is an important source for ISIS funds as they steal and sell it to fund their terrorist operations making Rmelan city in Northeastern Alhasakah a target for ISIS and they fought the Kurds fiercely to take control over its oil wells but they failed.

Rmelan city or Black Gold city in Syria is a residential area for people working on the rich oil fields in the city and this made it the main target for ISIS to take control over the Syrian oil to be used for funding their terrorist operations. ISIS fought the Kurds fiercely for the city but all their attempts failed against them.

Rmelan city is located in the Northeastern side of Alhasakah province in Syria and it is called the black old city for the abundance and the high number of oil wells in the city which made it and industrial region since the foundation of the oil in 1967. A residential complex was created as well for the workers on the oil fields of the city.

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