Isis morale drastically going down after the loss of Tishrin dam in northern Syria

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ISIS organization fighters lost their morale after losing Tishrin Dam battle in Northern Aleppo in Syria and they are carrying out failed Combat operations and counter attacks to restore control over the Dam and on the adjacent villages to it.



ISIS morale is slipping and is not like before amid the huge losses in lives and equipment as they are trying to regain control over Tishrin Dam.

General Talal Slou, the official spokesperson of Democratic Syria forces confirmed that the organization lost their fighting morale after the loss of the Dam in Northern Aleppo countryside and they are unable to stay in control over the areas of their residence.

For the last 10 days until today the organization has been trying by sending bombs and suicidal bombers to Tishrin Dam but Democratic Syria forces Inflicted heavy losses, most recently last night.



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