Security plan to withdraw weapons and impose curfew after the assassination attempt of Aden governor.

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The Yemeni government has succeeded to withdraw tens of thousands of heavy and medium weapons and weakened the shells of ammunition and improvised explosive devices from the hands of citizens in various provinces within which the imposition of a security plan to tighten security in the temporary capital of Aden with the imposition of night curfew.






In the new plan to secure Aden province, the Yemeni government worked on withdrawal of weapons from citizens since it imposed danger amid the civil war in the region. Heavy and medium weapons as well as bombs and thermal aviation disturbance as well as automatic rifles were all withdrawn.

The government has been trying to reduce the amount weapons sources which have been easily accessed by citizens for the last 46 years when the ministry of interior allowed the collection of medium weapons and explosives which were sold in Yemen shops.

The temporary capital is going through a careful peace after the bloody events that city lived for days which ended with assassination attempt of Aden governor which led to the wide presence of security checkpoints to search for weapons and wanted people.


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