Alsayid announces the new Tunisian government structure.

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After a discussion with the Tunisian parties for the last month and a half, ministerial changes in the Tunisian government have been announced by Alsayid while retaining some ministers in their positions.





The Tunisian Prime Minister “Alhabib Alsayid” announced the ministerial changes in his government including the three Sovereign ministries and other ministries. “Alhadi Majdoub” has been appointed as the Minister of Interior instead of “Najm Algharasali”, “Khamis Aljenawi” instead of “Alhadi Albakoush” and finally “Omar Mansour” was appointed as the Minister of Justice.

The political structure of the government sees a strong presence of Nida’a Tunisia especially dominant part of the President Son Albaji Qaed Essebsi and this made the government a way to please everyone as the Analyst expressed.

Annahda shares has risen too and after having one minister only, they have 3 ministries today including the ministry of justice and the national free union received another ministry but despite the changes everything goes in favor of the ruling party.

Others considered that the new change doesn’t add anything to the people and the state especially that the people chosen don’t have programs and experience to save the country and take it into the right democratic path.



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