Tunisia – The country struggles with fuel crisis amid warnings of worsening conditions


Location: Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:57

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Tunisia

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 10/11/2022


For the past two days, Tunisia has been in a state of turmoil and traffic congestion, especially near gas stations, as the country is experiencing severe fuel shortage.

Citizens stopped working and went to wait for hours at gas stations, as General Federation of Petroleum officials mentioned the decline in the Strategic National Stockpile of gasoline from being sufficient for 60 days to only one week, calling on official authorities to work on changing their fuel system operation in order to adapt to global changes and the ongoing global crisis.


– Soundbite – (Muhammad Ali – Taxi driver):

“I have been waiting for more than an hour and a half. There is no respect for people waiting in line. I know other people have work as well, may god help them but taxi drivers are also trying to make a living, it is unreasonable for me to sit in waiting like this for an hour and a half.”

– Soundbite – (Ahmed – Company employee):

“I have been waiting in the same spot for two and a half hours. They told us the issue will be resolved on Monday. Today is Tuesday, but they still have not reached a solution, which you can tell by the congestion at the gas station.”

– Soundbite (Ali Bahlawan – Trader):

“I dropped everything same as everyone else here and have been waiting for hours in line for gas.”

– Soundbite – (Silwan Al-Samiri – Secretary General of the General Federation of Petroleum):

“The crisis in Tunisia began almost at the same time as the Ukrainian-Russian war and the rise in price of oil. There are also the repercussions of Tunisia’s financial crisis. During that period, we started to consume our strategic national stockpile. The local supply of unleaded fuel will be available from today night or tomorrow morning.”

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