Tunisia – Female activists: Current situation in Iran is feminist revolution against regime


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:50

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Tunisia

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 09/30/2022


The women’s rights movements and protests in Iran have shed light on reality of rights and freedoms in the Arab world and Middle East. Tunisia is a pioneer in enacting laws that guarantee freedom of expression and women’s rights, however, rights and freedoms still lack sufficient support and efforts. Women’s rights activists believe movements in Iran may be a step towards opening the door to more rights and freedoms for women in Arab countries and the Middle East.


– Soundbite (Amira Mohammed – National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists):

“Tunisia has been proactive for years in ensuring more rights and freedoms, especially for women, but these rights and freedoms require more support, participation, and women empowerment. The current situation in Iran is a feminist revolution against the regime, it is against the spread of the notion that women are accessories and objects without human rights and freedoms. I think protests in Iran will speed up decision making, especially by Gulf countries. We hope this feminist revolution will be the starting point, followed by other liberating intellectual revolutions that will create change and positively impact women’s rights and freedoms, as well as freedom of expression in Arab countries. We hope these rights will be practiced for real, rather than for political propaganda.”

– Soundbite (Jihan Alwan – Journalist):

“Conditions of Tunisian women are exemplary compared to other regions of the Middle East, but Tunisian women seek to strengthen their position and their rights in terms of enforcing laws to ensure certain rights for women such as equality in inheritance and other complex issues. We are in full solidarity and support of the freedoms and rights of Iranian women including their right to determine their own fate and realize their own vision of personal freedoms. it is not possible in this day and age to impose a specific dress code on females, as the latest statistics have revealed that imposing the veil is one of the biggest factors in causing women psychological stress, especially for women in the Middle East”.

– Soundbite (Asmaa Fatima Mu’tamari – Feminist activist):

“We are in solidarity and support of Iranian, Palestinian and Afghan women. Women’s rights are in a state of decline all over the world. What we are experiencing in Tunisia is a setback for women’s rights and freedoms, but hopefully it will not become a catastrophe. We might not be in as much danger as females in other Arab and Islamic regions, but today we feminists in Tunisia, have raised a hue and cry. Tomorrow we will gather outside the Iranian Cultural Center in support of Iranian women and in protest against the setback of women’s rights in Tunisia.”

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