Turkey – Activists: We will continue to organize protests in support of Iranian women


Location: Istanbul – Turkey

Language: Arabic + Turkish

Duration: 00:04:54

Sound: natural

Source: A24 in Istanbul

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 01/10/2022


Protests in Iran after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while she was detained in a police station have cast a shadow over the reality of rights and freedoms in Iran and the Middle East. Women rights activists A24 interviewed stated their solidarity and support for the protests in Iran to restore women’s rights. They said told A24 they will continue to organize protests outside Iranian embassies and consulates in support of Iranian women, against practices and violations of the Iranian regime against women. They added that movements in Iran and new slogans being raised in protests for the first time, such as “change and overthrow the regime,” give hope to Iranian people, especially women to gain the freedom they deserve. Activists believe it is unlikely to obtain women’s rights and freedoms in Arab countries in the near future.


– Soundbite (Malik Onder – Representative of Association for Violence Against Women):

“We are witnessing these days pro-women protests, not only against niqab, but also the mullahs’ regime in Iran and their fight will continue until women’s rights in Iran are restored. Issues concerning women’s rights in relation to their dress code, professional life, married life and even inheritance exist in all regions of the Middle East and Arab countries. Our mission right now is to stand with the women of Iran and the rest of the world. We organized a protest outside the Iranian consulate to express our rejection of the Iranian regime’s practices against women. These protests will continue and spread around the world in a systematic manner.”

– Soundbite (Saba Abdel-Latif – Research Assistant at Omran Center):

“Most protester demands relate to the economic or security situation, but this protest demands relate to the social situation that has been ongoing for years, which involves suppression of women and infringement of their rights. The suppression of journalists and people concerned with public affairs is not new; it has been going on for years. Iranian security authorities are in a state of panic, I do not believe women will get equality in Iran or even in Arab countries. We are currently fighting for social justice more than equality, social justice is the most important. Most of Iranian public participated in these protests, and now there are slogans being used for the first time mentioning “death to Khamenei”, and “change the authority and overthrow the regime”. The situation has intensified as things are more serious than they have ever been for Iran, which could bring hope to Iranian people, especially women.”

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