Palestine – Gaza student designs a suitcase-sized mobile dental clinic


Location: Gaza, Palestine

Language: Arabic

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Voice: Natural

Source: A24 Gaza

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Date: 26/7/2022


A twenty-three-year-old, Engineering and Medical Equipment student from the southern Gaza city of Rafah has designed a mobile dental clinic that fits in a piece of standard travel luggage.

Abdullah Al-Baba overcame difficulties with sourcing parts – a result of the severe Israeli imports restrictions that make life in Gaza so difficult.

He used a refrigerator engine as a pump air and repurposed a fire extinguisher cylinder to store the air.

Al-Baba says his innovation can help extend dental care to the elderly and patients in remote areas who cannot reach the 20 dental clinics run by UNRWA in Gaza.

His invention provides dentists with an integrated unit containing the tools needed for the treatment process in an easy-to-transport bag packed with air storage and pumping devices oral surgeons require.

The young man hopes that his project will attract investor support and help improve dental care throughout Gaza.

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  • Soundbite : Abdullah Al-Baba – an engineering student in the medical equipment industry:

“The idea of ​​the project basically started with me inspired by my father, his health is bad and he is paralyzed because of participating in the return marches. One day he needed to go to the dentist, and we all know that dentists often have their clinics on the upper floors, and when we took him, it was very hard with the stairs and going up to the third floor. That is how the idea was brought forward. In addition to the fact that the eastern regions of the country do not have dental clinics, and therefore anyone who wants to be treated has to go to the center of the country. The project provides the basic needs found in the full dental chair, such as the sack that pulls saliva from the mouth, and the turbine that helps in drilling teeth to install the filling.

  • Soundbite : Abdullah Al-Baba – an engineering student in the medical equipment industry:

The bag is designed in a smooth way that makes it easy for the doctor to move it from place to another. At first, there was no idea of ​​a portable bag, after we saw the bag, we said that it could be adjusted, and as you can see its features. It opens from the front. It is not a travel bag as we used to, but one that we developed and reshaped in a way that matches the mobile dental unit. When I searched for parts that were not available to us in the strip and it was difficult to bring them into the Strip. I looked for alternatives. For example, the tire air pump ran and did not work, so we turned to the idea of ​​a refrigerator engine, and converted it to produce air for the bag, and we used a fire cylinder to serve as an air tank.”

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