Palestine – UNRWA launches ‘Summer Fun Weeks’ for refugee children in Gaza


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: English + Arabic

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Source: A24 in Gaza.

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Date: 27/06/ 2022


UNRWA launched ‘Summer Fun Weeks’ programme for children in Gaza. The programme includes activities that aim to mitigate psychological stress that children in Gaza are susceptible to, and unload negative energy accumulated as a result of difficult living conditions in Gaza.

Children come every morning to Summer Fun Weeks camps set up in UNRWA centers and schools, where they engage in various activities, such as drawing and singing.

The programme allows children to spend their time in a happy and joyful environment. One hundred and twenty thousand refugee children are participating in the programme, they are distributed across eighty-three UNRWA centers in all districts of Gaza.


Soundbie (Ben Majekodunmi – UNRWA Chief of Staff):

            “Gaza has been under blockade for many years now. We had an intensity of the conflict last year. These summer fun weeks provide children with a really essential opportunity to release their tension, to be happy, to grow, to discuss their problems, to meet each other across different boundaries. Even thought UNRWA provides tremendous amount, in terms of education and food assistance and shelter, one of the most important things we do is to provide these summer fun weeks, which provide children with this really essential opportunity to live as children.”

– Soundbite (Melina Shaheen – Director of UNRWA Information Office in Gaza):

            “Summer Fun Weeks programme comes at a time of extremely difficult economic, social and psychological conditions for children and their families in Gaza. These activities aim to mitigate the suffering of participating refugee children in Gaza. More than one hundred and twenty thousand children are participating, they are distributed across eighty-three UNRWA centers that provide children with the opportunity to engage in various activities.”

– Soundbite (Lian – Refugee student):

            “The summer camp is very beautiful. There are fun activities, and we are very happy. Activities include inflatable castle, soccer, basketball and handicrafts. These activities give us great happiness and energy. Children in Gaza need a safe place they feel comfortable in to play and learn.”

– Soundbite (Ghazal Shaheen – Refugee student):

            “I like summer activities, I play with my girlfriends, especially soccer. We have suffered enough in Gaza, children have the right to play and learn same as all other children in the world.”

– Soundbite (Juri Al-Sharif – Refugee student):

            “I always come here to play and meet with my friends. The time we spend here is full of joy and happiness.  We feel bored if we stay home, so these weeks are an opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves.”

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