Yemen – Aden demonstrators halt traffic to protest soaring fuel prices


Location: Aden – Yemen

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:02:14

Sound: Natural

Source: A24 Aden.

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Date: 27/06/ 2022


Frustrated Yemeni drivers parked their cars and blocked traffic on Aden’s main highway overpass Monday, continuing their protests over soaring fuel prices and demanding a swift reduction in the cost of gas.

The demonstration follows a similar protest at the bridge linking the Mansoura and Khormaksar districts held Wednesday.

 Fuel prices are rising in Yemen amid fears of a global economic shock from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Public anger over the spike in gas prices led the head of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, to oust two ministers in the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition yesterday.

Protester Ahmed Abdullah told A24 News Agency that increased fuel prices cause higher food and transport costs, with the average price of 20 liters of gasoline increasing by 6000 lire.

Aden resident Zaher Harara spoke to A24 and urged the government to find solutions to the crisis, warning no one could control the people of Yemen.


– Soundbite (Ahmad Abdullah – Protester):

            “The increase in fuel prices is unbelievable, the price of one 20 liter oil can increased by six thousand riyals, which has caused an increase in transportation costs. Salaries is Yemen are low, whether in public or private sectors. If monthly transportation costs from one directorate to another are 60 thousand riyals, employees would need much higher salaries but even private sector employees in executive positions get paid maximum 100 thousand riyals a month. We are protesting against fuel prices but there are other issues for the people in Yemen. Currently, the main issue is the increase in fuel prices because it results in price increases in foodstuffs, transportation costs, and everything else in the country.”

– Soundbite (Zahir Harara – Protester):

            “We want to convey a message to all concerned parties that no one can control the people of Yemen, as they have lived through life and death. When I see my family suffer, I have to fight for them.”

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