Tunisia – The 5th edition of the Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival kicks off in Tunisia


Location: Tunis – Tunisia
Language: Arabic
Duration: 00:03:38
Sound: Natural
Source: A24 in Tunisia
Restrictions: A24 Subscribers
Date: 17/06/2022


The city of culture in Tunis is hosting the 5th edition of the “Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival” after an absence of two years and remotely presented shows due to Covid-19 pandemic. This event will continue until next Saturday, and will feature 16 films from 8 countries: Palestine, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Greece, France, Italy, and Tunisia. Most of the featured works focus on main challenges people of the 21st century are facing, as the world is going through a transitional phase of changes in values and lifestyles. The festival is organized by the Tunisian Mediterranean Documentary Association, in partnership with the Tunisian National Center for Cinema and Image and the Tunisian Film Library. The festival organizers aim to promote diversity of documentary films by presenting films that attract viewer’s attention and encourage self-discovery. The festival aims to honor films with themes related to Mediterranean countries to help us see, know and understand what is going on around us. The festival is an important event that showcases different forms of fiction compatible with today’s world.

Shot list:

Soundbite (Tariq Shaaban – Director of the Tunisian Film Library):
“There is pedagogical work that teaches people the importance of documentaries not linked to the immediate historical reality. We should not produce work only when there is a revolution, after which we stop, as there are other issues in society we can communicate through our work. People should pay attention and differentiate between television productions and documentaries. In society, one can find a lot of inspiration for documentaries. Documentaries are different than narrative films, as a documentary tells a story while also giving an analysis of what is happening in society.”

Soundbite (Fathi Al-Saeedi – Festival Director):
“This year is the 5th session featuring 16 films of a duration ranging from 30 minutes to one and half hours, from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Tunisia and Palestine. The films are diverse and convey the reality we are living in. The festival shows people how the world has changed and complexified. Director’s perspective should from an angle that helps us understand and discuss the work.”

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