Tunis-Tunisian artist creates masterpieces out of wood


Date: 28/05/2022

Location: Tunis-Tunisia

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:12

Source: A24 Tunis

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Tunisian artist Hamza al-Annabi has continued to have a successful career as a wood engraver for 50 years. 

Wood engraving is a printmaking technique, in which an artist works an image or matrix of images into a block of wood.

Hamza’s passion for art started at a tender age, learning and mastering the art of engraving on wood. 

The Tunisian artist makes masterpieces of furniture with his unique designs, some of which carry the Andalusian Arab character and the European character of the Louis XV era.

Hamza, talented in drawing, said he was trained as a wood engraver unlike his father and brothers who are copper engravers.

Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Hamza Annabi- Craftsman):

“My father works in a copper engraving, and my brothers learned from him. I was the only one who learned wood engraving. I loved it because in my childhood I used to spend my time in a carpentry shop.”

  • Soundbite (Hamza Annabi- Craftsman):

“Wood engraving has several processes. It begins with drawing the design, then transferring the design to the wood and engraving it. I engrave on all kinds of furniture.”

  • Soundbite (Hamza Annabi- Craftsman):

“Art is not taught. You can’t draw if you are not fond of drawing. Traditional crafts are not science to study, but skills come out of love.”

  • Soundbite (Hamza Annabi- Craftsman):

“Some of my designs are inspired by Andalusian Arab art and the European art of the Louis XV era. I use colors like Green, gold, yellow, and white.

  • Soundbite (Hamza Annabi- Craftsman):

“I love this craft because since I opened my eyes, I found my father a copper engraver and fond of drawing, but I learned wood engraving, and the rest of my brothers followed my father. This store was museum-like for all of our work. It was a tours attraction place. This art gives elegance to even modern houses.”

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