Palestine – Organizing ‘Definitely Returning’ festival concurrent in Gaza and south Lebanon


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:05:14

Sound: Natural

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Dateline: 21/05/2022


The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine organized the “Definitely Returning” festival concurrent in Lebanon and Palestine. The events took place in Malaka on the eastern border of Gaza and the town of Adisah in south Lebanon. The festival was attended by figures from Palestinian factions and a huge crowd of Palestinian citizens. The festival included performances by scouts and horsemen, a speech and the unveiling of “The Key to Return” monument. Participants in the festival unanimously reiterated the right to return to Palestine, especially for refugees in the diaspora and refugee camps who were displaced in 1948. Participants called on the United Nations and International Community to support the Palestinian cause in the same capacity as most countries supporting the Ukrainian people against the Russian invasion.


Soundbite (Fayez El-Hassani – Rawasi Palestine Associatin for culture, arts, and media):

“This is a joint event with south Lebanon organized by the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine as an activity to appeal the Palestinian cause.”
Soundbite (Norhan Abu-Jarad – Palestinian):

“This event is in conjunction with the anniversary of Nakba. We are here to commemorate Palestine, the land where we grew up, to fight for our right to return to Palestine. We gathered near the border to prove that we will not give up until our last breath. Our message to the United Nations and the International Community is that we want to return to our land, and we will not give up our right.”

Soundbite (Khaled Al-Batash – Member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement):

“Our message today is to stress our right to return to our land as well as Palestinians right in Jerusalem to reject peace with the enemy. Liberation of Palestine requires supporting Palestinians in the same capacity as Europeans supporting Ukrainians in their fight against Russia.”
Soundbite (Layla Al-Faran – Palestinian):
“My mother was displaced from Jaffa city with her parents. They always mention their houses and land in Palestine stressing their right to return. They tell stories of the abundant natural resources they had in Palestine before migrating in 1948 as other Palestinians who had to travel abroad. To this day, they demand their right to return.”

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