Jordan – Irbid celebrates being Arab capital of culture for 2022


Location: Amman, Jordan

Language: Arabic


Voice: Natural

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 clients

Dateline: 21/05/2022


In celebration of Irbid as the Arab capital of culture for 2022, the Jordanian Zaha Cultural Center held the 16th International City Festival with the participation of different embassies, charities, and families of Irbid. The festival included artistic and folk performances by foreign and Jordanian teams in addition to an exhibition highlighting the cultural heritage of the participating countries. The exhibition also displayed the crafts for which these countries are famous, in addition to their popular and traditional dishes.

Shot list:

  • Soundbite (Rania Sobeih – General Director of Zaha Cultural Center):

“We are pleased that many Arab and foreign embassies participated in the festival with their products, artistic performances, traditions, and historical books. The event will continue until 9:00 pm. Jordanian associations and institutions and women from the local community also participated in the festival.”

  • Soundbite (Zine El Abidine – Iraqi participant):

“We wanted to educate people, including Arabs, Asians, and Europeans, about the traditions of Iraq. We liked to introduce them to our culture, Iraqi dresses, words and vocabulary, the most famous landmarks of Iraq, and the civilizations that passed through Iraq. What a beautiful event that brings cultures closer.”

  • Soundbite (Ole – participant from Panama):

“We are pleased to participate in this event and educate the Jordanian people about the culture of Panama. What distinguishes the event is the interaction between different cultures and the Arab one.”

  • Soundbite (Sofia-Ukrainian participant):

“Today, we participated in spreading Ukrainian culture in Jordan and informing the public about our food, traditional costumes, and handicrafts. This event is very beautiful; we got to know other countries and different cultures.”

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