Tunisia – The International Monodrama Festival concluded in Carthage


Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 17/5/2022


The Carthage International Monodrama Festival concluded yesterday, Monday, its fourth session in Tunisia, with the participation of 30 countries around the world.  During the festival, many artists, writers and intellectuals were awarded, including the artist Marcel Khalife and the Tunisian playwright and novelist Ezzedine Al Madani. The head of the festival head Ikram Azzouz expressed satisfaction with the success they achieved since the festival’s inception, as Tunisia is distinguished by the art of monodrama among Arab countries. Meanwhile, some participants highlighted the importance of such events in bringing Arab delegations together and promoting Tunisian culture.

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Soundbite (Ikram Azzouz – Festival Director):

“I think this session marks the beginning of a monodrama in Tunisia. Despite its success in previous sessions, they were affected by the pandemic and safety measures. Artwork has evolved in the country from street theater tours and storytelling to book signings and workshops. The festival included holding two competitions and distributing prizes.”

Soundbite (Ahsan Telilani – Algerian playwright participating in the festival):

“This session revived cultural life in Tunisia after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. The Arab delegations also returned to Tunisia in this session. I am glad to participate in the festival and to meet the artist Marcel Khalife and the Tunisian writer Ezzedine Al Madani.”

Soundbite (Iyad Al-Raymouni – Jordanian writer and theater director):

“I am happy to participate as a guest of honor in this edition. Many of the shows conveyed humanitarian messages and were of high quality in terms of acting and writing. New Arab playwrights from Egypt, Jordan and Iraq participated in the festival. The fourth edition of this festival is significant and conveys a message to all Arab countries that such festivals are a tool of unity in which Arab artists meet.”

Soundbite (Abdel Nasser Asoud – Head of the Palestinian delegation):

This is our first participation in the Carthage Festival. We participated before in Morocco and Algeria. We distributed awards and certificates in the name of Palestine. We also presented paintings of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. We enjoyed the festival and hope that it would be held in more than one governorate, not just in the capital. Such events bring together intellectuals and artists from all Arab countries. For us, we consider these meetings as achance to talk about the Palestinian cause and our right to return.

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