Syria –Russia strikes the de-escalation zones in northern Syria


Location: Idlib countryside- Syria

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:03:36

Source: A24

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Dateline: 25-04-2022


Russia has carried out the fifth airstrike on the de-escalation zone agreed upon between Moscow and Ankara, northwest of Syria, targeting the Kabanah axis in Jabal Al-Akrad, northern countryside of Lattakia.

Yesterday, Russian warplanes launched more than 6 air raids targeting the areas of Maarat Al-Naasan and Al-Ruwaiha located in the southern countryside of Idlib, and Al-Ankawi in the Al-Ghab Plain, northwest of Hama.

On April 19th, a Russian aircraft carried out four raids on the area between the towns of Ihsim and Al-Bara in Jabal Al-Zawiya. On April 9, Russian warplanes bombed the areas of Al-Fateera and Tal Fleifel in Jabal Al-Zawiya, and the same area was subjected to another bombardment on April 4th.

Shot list

  •  (SOUNDBITE) Ibrahim Al-Darwish – Displaced from the southern countryside of Idlib:

“The Russian warplanes bomb the areas daily. Today it bombed the Jabal Al-Zawiya and the Al-Ghab Plain, destroying houses with aircraft, missiles, and artillery shells. The whole area was destroyed as a result of these raids, and it is all residential areas for displaced people. There is no military presence in it. The military presence is on the front lines only. Nevertheless, the Russian and Iranian militias continue to bombard the liberated areas, and are constantly committing massacres against civilians.”

  • Soundbite (Yousef Al-Mohammed – Military commander in the Al-Fateh Al-Mubeen operations room):

“The Russian bombing campaign continues on all axes in the liberated areas. On the other hand, all the opposition factions respond to all forms of aggression. Yesterday, the Russian air force bombed the Maarat al-Na’san area, which resulted in a major massacre that claimed the lives of many children. We and our fellow fighters are carrying out sniper campaigns on all fronts, killing and injuring many among them. On the other hand, training camps and raising readiness continue at all levels, and we are ready to repel any aggression from the Russian side towards the liberated areas.

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