Yemen – Citizens of Taiz look forward to opening of passages to the city


Location: Taiz – Yemen

Language: Arabic

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Citizens of Taiz are looking forward to the opening of passages leading in and out of the city after 8 years of being besieged. Social activist Mohammad Abdul Ellah said that opening the passages is vital for the citizens of Taiz especially those who have been suffering the most including patients, women, children and elders. The opening of passages is part of an initiative by UN envoy in Yemen that involves opening airports, harbors and passages within Yemen in accordance with the extendable two-month truce.


Soundbite (Sadiq Ali – Displaced person):

            “I haven’t been to my home in 8 years. I’m waiting for the opening of the passages so I could visit home. We are tired of being displaced, we hope the new government will improve the living situation in Yemen.”

Soundbite (Mohammad Abdul Ellah – Social activist):

            “Opening passages to Taiz is vital for the people who have been suffering from being besieged, high costs of living and chronic illness. The siege has caused many hardships for Yemenis but the initiative to open passages to Taiz still has not been carried out.”

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