Syria – Maaruk bread, Ramadan’s main food item in Qamishli


Location: Qamishli – Syria

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 08-04-2022


Maaruk bread, or Syrian sweet bread, is one of the most prominent food items of the month of Ramadan. It is made with several flavors and covered with syrup and sesame seeds.

Chef Saleh Muhammad, who learned to make Maaruk from his father and grandfather in Aleppo, says that he tries to add new flavors to the bread such as fruits, nuts, or chocolate to meet the different tastes of people.

Despite the living conditions that the region is going through and the difficulty of securing raw materials for the manufacture of this bread, Chef Saleh says that there is consideration of the living conditions and conditions of the citizens by not raising prices.

The price of one regular loaf that Saleh makes reaches 1500 Syrian lira, which is equivalent to 40 cents, while a loaf stuffed with flavor costs about $2.


(SOUNDBITE) Saleh Muhammad – Chef:

“I am Chef Saleh Muhammad; I used to work in Aleppo. I learned bread-making from my father and grandfather were chefs too. With the events that took place in Syria, we came to Qamishli and established our work here. Maaruk bread is originally from Aleppo and Damascus. During Ramadan, we make Maaruk and Shaabaniyah, but here in Qamishli people don’t know what Shaabaniyah is.”

(SOUNDBITE) Saleh Muhammad – Chef:

“The living conditions are difficult as the flour isn’t available, so we consider the citizens and sell the bread at a reasonable price. The average loaf of Maaruk that weighs 450g is sold for 1500 Liras.”

(SOUNDBITE) Saleh Muhammad – Chef:

“There are many flavors and several choices for stuffing like fruits, creams, chocolate, dates, or nuts, people like it and but it, especially during Ramadan.”

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