Tunisia – Tunis inaugurates national exhibition for recovered artifacts


Location: Tunisia – Tunis

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 18-02-2022


Under the theme of “Heritage is an Invaluable Wealth”, Tunis’s City of Culture inaugurated an exhibition featuring hundreds of recovered and seized artifacts with the contribution of the National Heritage Institute and Agency for Heritage Revival and Cultural Development. The exhibition displayed 330 artifacts selected out of 40,000 pieces that the Institute has made vigorous efforts to retrieve between 2012 and 2019. Aiming to raise awareness of the importance of preserving this historical wealth, it showcased artifacts from different historical eras, such as the Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and modern period. The exhibits included a collection of pottery, coins, pictures, manuscripts and other miscellaneous artifacts.


  • Soundbite (Ali Drini – Director of Research at the National Heritage Institute):

“This exhibition includes different artifacts sized by the National Heritage Institute with the help of the judicial, security and court authorities. It also includes pieces that citizens have handed over, since the Tunisian law states that artifacts found in homes must be reported. The artifacts here cover different eras of Punic, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic. The exhibits include a collection of pottery, coins, pictures, manuscripts and other miscellaneous artifacts.”

  • Soundbite (Yasser Jarrad – Conservator at the National Heritage Institute):

“Through this exhibition, the National Heritage Institute aimed to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our national heritage. It is also considered an appreciation for the National Heritage Institute efforts in resisting the smuggling of antiquities.  Security authorities, court authorities and civil society also played an important role in preserving these pieces. The exhibition embraced 330 returned after being smuggled and looted from Tunisia. The City of Culture has a great symbolism, as it is a travelling exhibition that attracts many visitors, and thus contributes to spreading awareness among people, which is our main goal.

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