Turkey –Buzuq, a one-of-kind instrument in Turkish music


Location: Istanbul – Turkey

Language: Turkish

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:02:56

Source: A24

Restriction: A24 Clients

Dateline: 19-02-2022


Turkish music has been recognized for over two thousand years due to its handmade musical instruments.

The Buzuq is a well-known wooden stringed musical instrument, similar to the lute, but it has a longer neck and smaller body, with 4-6 strings.

Although the Buzuq is a hand-made instrument, each piece has unique features that also people from various Arab and foreign countries demand, not only the Turkish.

The workshop of Mr. Ali in the Bagcilar district, Istanbul, is one of the most important places for manufacturing this instrument because of his skill and experience in making them.


  • (SOUNDBITE) Ali Demir Osta – Buzuq maker:

“Greeting for all Arab musicians. Our instruments and tools are widely spread in Arab countries such as Yemen, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, It is highly demanded and we make all the orders”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Arjan Solhan – Buzuq maker:

“I have been working for Mr.Ali here for several years. Buzuq is one of our heritage and culture. We have been working in this field for years, receiving orders from Arab countries and working under the supervision of Mr. Ali, who taught us these skills.”

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