Palestine – Gazan artist fights unemployment with string art


Location: Gaza – Palestine

Language: Arabic

Duration: 00:04:56

Voice: Natural

Source: A24 clients

Restriction: A24 clients

Dateline: 18-2-2022


In light of the widespread unemployment and difficult economic conditions in Gaza, Naim Maarouf creates string art designs to sell and earn a living to help his family. The young man employs his talent to create various designs of celebrities as well as shapes and text patterns on a piece of wood using nails and sewing thread. The artist sometimes recycles scrap wood to produce beautiful artworks and markets them on social media. Recently, he participated in two local exhibitions and aspires to display his works internationally. But he cannot expand his business since he works at his apartment and needs a bigger space. 


– Soundbite (Naim Maarouf – Plastic Artist):

“Following recession that hit the country, I thought about pin and thread art to provide for my family. I made my first design and everybody liked it and encouraged me to develop my work. I get customized pieces of wood from carpenters or I repurpose scrap wood. I draw my designs before hammering the nails on the wood. Then I wrap the colored thread around pins.”

– Soundbite (Naim Maarouf – Plastic Artist):

“I publish photos of my works on social media hoping that people will see my art. Recently, I participated in two exhibitions in Gaza. I dream of participating in international exhibitions. My designs include texts and portraits such as the late (the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat) Abu Ammar and the map of Palestine.”

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