Sri Lanka – Cricket brings sport to underprivileged villagers, schoolchildren


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Dateline: 15-02-2022


Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has recently launched a program to donate cricket equipment to over 650 schools across Sri Lanka to promote cricket and give children the opportunity to practice the sport. The program will donate cricket equipment to schools playing in the Under-13 and Under-15 tournaments conducted by the Schools Cricket Association in collaboration with Sri Lanka Cricket. Fifty schools playing in the Under-19 Women’s Cricket Tournament will be direct beneficiaries of the program.  The SLC former vice-president K. Mathivanan said this gesture is “remarkable” and highlighted that the SLC has undertaken similar projects in the past, noting that such projects are highly important for schoolchildren whose schools cannot afford to provide cricket equipment.


– (Soundbite) Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) former vice-president K. Mathivanan:

“Handing over cricket equipment to 650 schools in Sri Lanka is a remarkable gesture by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). Even when I was there as vice-president and in charge of Sri Lanka School cricket, we offered similar donations to schools, because some of the schools cannot purchase equipment. After all, some are underprivileged schools. So, this is a good thing, and I hope this will continue to enable sports to meet the standard.”

– (Soundbite) Sameer Yoonus – Sri Lanka School Cricket Commentator:

“Well, it is known that cricket is a game that requires props and protective gear. So, sometimes for people in the rural areas, this can be something that they cannot afford. Yet, that is not something that should stop them from stopping their kids from playing the game. That is why Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) launched the national pathway initiative that would provide schools in multiple districts with equipment and important tools. This is a wonderful initiative because it allows cricketers and kids from those regions to showcase their skills and not to shun away from the game merely because of the lack of equipment. This initiative also empowers schools with infrastructures and equipment. This is a wonderful gesture because it allows cricketers to take up the sport even from those areas.”

– (Soundbite) Sameer Yoonus – Sri Lanka School Cricket Commentator:

“School cricket is the basis from which all cricket players come. So, almost all national cricketers are from the school system. So, we must take care of the school system and this initiative from Sri Lanka Cricket Club. The super initiative does not only provide equipment, but also center wickets, turf wickets and matting wickets, as they provide an infrastructure for this game. And I think this is something that must be sustainable and must go on. The program is not confined to certain districts. It covers a lot of districts in rural areas and villages in Sri Lanka. So, it is a good initiative. I guess Sri Lanka Cricket continues to bring out talented and skilled cricketers from areas that have never produced such cricketers. So very well done to Sri Lanka Cricket.” 

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