Tunisia- Many Support President Kais Saied’s Decision to Dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council


Location: Tunis- Tunisia

Language: Arabic

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 8/02/2022


Following the declaration of Tunisian President Kais Saied’s decision to dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council, many Tunisians expressed their unswerving support to his decision, arguing that the council, in general, hasn’t assumed its duties during the last ten years, but rather, it exacerbated the corruption and the oppression in the country.  They also said that the president should concentrate on establishing a fair judicial authority in the country


-SOUNDBITE (citizen)

-SOUNDBITE (citizen)

“Regarding the president’s decision to dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council, we believe it is rational, given the corruption in parts of the judiciary system. We suffered for long years from the Judiciary system in terms of the delays in holding prosecutions and publicizing some cases. Therefore, upon the Judicial system failure to bring justice, people started to resort to other means”

SOUNDBITE (citizen)

“I believe that the president should dissolve all the country’s institutions to make effective reforms. Tunisia is a hotbed of corruption that has been growing for ages and it even got worse during the last ten years. Therefore, he should hit these institutions with an iron fist to bring back justice. I’m 41, and this is the first time I ever feel a decent person is ruling the country. “

-SOUNDBITE (citizen)

“There have been stalled lawsuits in the court for ten years, such as the case of Chokri Belaid and the Brahmi assassination, the truth of which has not been revealed to this day. Obviously, there was no justice during Ennahda Movement. The judiciary system is blamed for hiding many cases’ findings. The judiciary must take its natural and just course”

-SOUNDBITE (citizen)

“I’m with the President’s decision to dissolve the judicial authority because, in this country, we have no judicial system whatsoever. Only those with strong connections benefit from the judicial system, otherwise, one would file a lawsuit and wait forever without ever being resolved”

-SOUNDBITE (citizen)

“There is no Juridical authority in Tunisia at all”

-SOUNDBITE (  citizen)

“I believe that if the Judicial system was assuming its duties in bringing justice, the president would have never dissolved it”

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