Palestine – Doctor provides free medical care to patients in his home in Gaza


Location: Gaza- Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:43

Source: A24       

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 06-02-2022


Dr. Awni Abu Nahl, known as “Doctor of poor”, provides free medical care and diagnostic services to sick people at his home.

The doctor, who specializes in neurological diseases and strokes, says that his initiative is motivated by the grim economic conditions in Gaza, and citizens’ inability to pay for treatment and medical consultations.

He points out that most of the patients are in a critical condition and require ongoing follow-up, either at his home or theirs.

Dr. Abu Nahl has received hundreds of patients from all areas of Gaza at his home, and provided them with the necessary treatment, since the announcement of his initiative that was accepted.


  • (SOUNDBITE) Dr. Awni Abu Nahl – Doctor specializes in neurosurgery:

“I receive patients with difficult conditions in my home. Neurology is a comprehensive medicine, deals with strokes, cerebral hemorrhages, convulsions, multiple sclerosis. Some serious diseases need to be followed up, and I do follow them at home. I do not charge my patients and I provide care as much as possible, either they come to me or I go to them if their condition is critical. People love and respect me, they bring their friends for treatment and cases increase every day.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Fadl Abu Sharkh – Father of the sick girl:

“I brought my daughter to see the doctor and he welcomed us warmly. Life in Gaza is difficult. I am unemployed. My daughter, born in 2016, has cerebral palsy. She was not able to move when we brought her to the doctor but with his treatments and advice, her health improved by about 50%.”

  • (SOUNDBITE) Samih Abu Hassan – Patient):

“I had an accident a few months ago that led to pressure in the vertebrae in the neck and affected my right hand. I had treatments and did the exercises that the doctor gave me. Now my health is as good as before and I can move my hands.”

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