Yemen – Yemeni army advances into the city of Haradh



According to the Yemeni army military source, the government forces advanced towards Haradh city from two sides; Abs in the south, and Midi in the west, and combed the southern and western neighborhoods of the city, amid heavy clashes with the Houthis holed up inside.

The military source added that the Houthi group blew up high buildings south and west of Haradh, and mined entrances and other buildings. Dozens of Houthis were killed in artillery shelling by the army and raids by the coalition forces, continuing for the third day in a row.

The leadership of the Fifth Military Region announced earlier that it had full control of the Al-Mahsam camp overlooking the city, and tightened its siege, urging the Houthis to surrender, while the leadership of the Arab coalition confirmed the implementation of strikes that killed dozens of Houthis, and destroyed 13 military vehicles.

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