Turkey – Handmade Turkish Carpets Are a legacy Passed Down through generations


Location: Istanbul – Turkey

Language: Turkish

Voice: Natural

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Source: A24

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Dateline: 04/02/2022


Turkish traditional carpets are best known for being 100% natural as they are made from sheep’s wool. These handmade carpets are woven using traditional methods to maintain the high quality of the produced carpets, not to mention that used dyes are free from any chemicals. Therefore, Turkish carpets are durable and they are usually decorated with different and varied patterns, each of which has a special story. There is remarkable high demand for these carpets as they can be used in home decoration. Several Turkish carpet merchants strive to preserve this legacy that has been passed down through generations. Hashim Gurli is among these merchants, who grew up in his father’s shop located in the Beyazit district in central Istanbul.  He loved his father’s profession and was keen to follow his suit


-SOUNDBITE ( Hashim Gurli – Turkish carpet merchant)

Carpets made in Turkey are of a special kind given the used raw materials, unique designs, and most importantly their high quality. These handmade carpets are made from sheep’s wool in the Anatolia region. It takes a long time for preparing the wool which entails scouring, drying, and combing until it is ready for use. Such a process takes effort and considerable time especially that Anatolian women are keen when it comes to details

-SOUNDBITE ((Hashem Gurli – Turkish carpet merchant)

There is a high demand for Turkish carpets given their natural material and high quality. They are made from wool which is known for its durability

-SOUNDBITE ( Hashim Gurli – Turkish carpet merchant)

Numerous tourists come to buy Turkish carpets. We have all styles that meet different demands

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