Iraq – Camera maintenance professionals in Sulaymaniyah adapt to technological breakthroughs


Location: Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Language: Arabic + Kurdish

Duration: 00:04:12

Sound: natural

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 subscribers

Dateline: 04/02/2022


With the advancement of technology, many of the tools we are accustomed to have disappeared, including traditional cameras called “negative cameras,” which came in 36 images; they relied on many mechanical movements. Now they are replaced by digital cameras, which depend on electronic boards. In the city of Sulaymaniyah, an owner of a camera maintenance shop tried to adapt to the changes in his profession, and after having repaired traditional cameras, he has started repairing modern cameras, which he considers easier to maintain, as they are less complicated. Nevertheless, he still believes the camera image has lost a lot of its artistry and professionalism. Because of his skill in this department, in which he has been working for more than thirty years, people come from all over the city, as they have confidence in his extensive experience, and his honesty in his work, in addition to the low charges he receives for maintaining their cameras.


– (Soundbite) Saleh Hama Karim, a camera repairer:

“I have been working in the business of repairing cameras for thirty years, when the film camera was in 36 images, which were called negative cameras, and our work changed with the advancement of technology. We repair digital cameras, and we provide our services to photographers.”

– (Soundbite) Saleh Hama Karim, a camera repairer:

“Old cameras differed compared to the new ones now. There are big difference. Old cameras have a lot of mechanics, and they were few in their time. After the nineties, the types of cameras changed, and they became electronic with films of 36 images, and after the advancement of technology, the cameras changed to digital. Our work became easier, but on the other hand, the images were damaged by technology due to the absence of art in them; after the cameras of 36 images were taking pictures with a higher artistry.

– (Soundbite) Kamel Ahmed, a customer fixing his camera:

“Saleh is one of the old reformers in Sulaymaniyah. He has more than thirty years of experience and serves the city of Sulaymaniyah and artists, especially those who have a camera. He is an expert, and he is honest, and people trust him. His prices are very cheap, and he wants to serve people. His service is greater than the profit he receives; that is why we all love him, and we wish him a long life.”

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