Palestine- Gaza Hosts a Children Innovations Exhibition


Location: Gaza-Palestine

Language: Arabic

Voice: Natural

Duration: 00:04:42

Source: A24

Restrictions: A24 Clients

Dateline: 02/02/2022


Nawar Educational Center in Gaza hosted a children innovations exhibition where artificial intelligence inventions, robots, educational applications, and solar-power devices were showcased. Those innovations, which were solely produced by children using simple tools and electronic devices remnants, aimed at facilitating the educational process, and helping people with visual and hearing impairment, in addition to boosting kids’ mental capabilities. Nawar Educational Center’s head, Najwa Al-Farra said the exhibition came to keep pace with the world’s enormous technological development.

Shot list

-SOUNDBITE (Najwa Al-Farra- Nawar Educational Center’s head)

Our aim was to keep pace with the enormous technological development sweeping the world. The exhibition manifested those children’s creativity by showcasing educational devices, smartphone applications, and artificial intelligence innovations

-SOUNDBITE ( Mohamed Sheha- a student)

   The robot was manufactured in Sunrise and Hope” Children’s Center. The aim of the robot was to minimize car accidents and help people with disabilities along with blind people

-SOUNDBITE (Jana Al-Akkawi – student)

We developed a solar-powered device that helps blind people. It is powered by sunlight and it detects nearby objects to help blind people while walking

-SOUNDBITE ( Jihad Qudeih – Student)

I participated in developing an educational tool for the periodic table of elements. It was designed to facilitate memorizing the elements for kids

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