Tunisia- A Tunisian Jeweler Strives to Preserve the Imazighen Heritage by Producing Imazighen Jewelry


Location: Tunis- Tunisia

Language: Arabic

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Dateline: 2/02/2022


In an effort to preserve the Imazighen rich history, the Tunisian Jeweler Ali Bin Toluba spends long hours in his small workshop making Imazighen silver jewelry.  With unparalleled skills, he uses the traditional methods in silver casting, starting with melting silver and pouring it into crafted molds that reflect the Imazighen rich heritage. He strives to turn his passion for jewelry making into a real job to keep such a legacy alive and to pass it to his sons

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-SOUNDBITE (Ali Bin Toluba- a craftsman who makes Imazighen jewelry)

I have been in this business for 20 years. I was first introduced to jewelry making when I left school and I learned it in all its forms. Moreover, we are from the south, and women in our house still wear Imazighen jewelry. We still preserve and appreciate this jewelry. I liked the idea and started making Imazighen jewelry

-SOUNDBITE (Ali Bin Toluba- a craftsman who makes Imazighen jewelry

I took some jewelry from my mother and my grandmother and I started with making pieces that look like them. They were fascinated by the jewelry I made. Since then, I started this craft. I add and make some alternations to jewelry pieces so to make them prettier

-SOUNDBITE (Ali Bin Toluba- a craftsman who makes Imazighen jewelry

Most craftsmen in this field are from Tunisia and some are from Libya, but the bulk is from Tunisia, Kasserine, and Kairouan.  The majority of them are from the south, especially the southeast. Imazighen jewelry is still an integral part of weddings clothes. Demand for this jewelry is increasing, not to mention that a growing number of people want to learn this craft but there is a problem in securing raw materials in Tunisia; silver isn’t always available

-SOUNDBITE (Ali Bin Toluba- a craftsman who makes Imazighen jewelry)

Part of the Imazighen clothes are these jewelry pieces and they are 100% Tunisians. I think it is important to encourage learning the art of making Imazighen jewelry. I learned this craft by myself and was first introduced to this jewelry when I saw my mother wearing it

-SOUNDBITE (Ali Bin Toluba- a craftsman who makes Imazighen jewelry)

Jewelry making is in fact a profession, a hobby, and something I really treasure. I enjoy making jewelry and I believe I’m talented, as I try to leave my own touches. I’m always keen to produce those pieces on my own, and even when someone helps me, I try to add my touches.  I’m also keen to bring the raw materials myself, so I can choose wherever I want. I want those who wear my jewelry to feel they are wearing something precious

-SOUNDBITE (Ali Bin Toluba- a craftsman who makes Imazighen jewelry)

I try to make children like this craft as I do create special jewelry pieces for them. My aim is to pass this craft to my children so to keep it alive

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