Tunisia – Tunisian doctor awarded the best female scientific research 2021


Location: Tunis – Tunisia

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Dateline: 26-01-2022


Dr. Iman Qassem Al-Nahili was awarded the best female scientific research 2021 in Tunisia for her research on the neurological symptoms of the Covid-19 on infected patients, following a study conducted on many Tunisians infected with this virus.

The award for the best female scientific research 2021, which has been approved in 2009, aims to recognize Tunisian women researchers, support their scientific careers, and promote them to conduct more scientific research. A committee of experts evaluates the nominated works to select the best search.

The award, according to the Tunisian Minister of Higher Education, is an acknowledgment of the scientific value of Tunisian women, as 55% of researchers in Tunisia are female. The Minister of Women in Tunisia said that this award is part of a large effort to empower women in various fields, especially the scientific.

Shot list:

(SOUNDBITE) Dr. Iman Qassem Al-Nahili – Professor of Neurology and award winner):

“We conducted this research in 2020 during the Corona pandemic. We wanted to discover the neurological symptoms of the Tunisian infected patient. This award is very important for us, it means a lot to our team, and all the other teams that worked with us in the Covid exerted efforts. We wanted to convey a message through this award, for this award culminated in the first article in Tunisia, the Maghreb, Africa, and the Arab world, on the clinical characteristics of Tunisian Covid patients.”

–         (SOUNDBITE) Moncef Boukather – Minister of Higher Education:

“This award honors the Tunisian women who were awarded the best scientific research. There is a committee of experts who evaluated the nominated works and its decision is effective in choosing the best research. It is valuable and encouraging, and it is recognition for the scientific value of Tunisian women. As I mentioned in my speech, we have more than 55% female researchers in Tunisia, a percentage that shows the importance of the Tunisian women’s role in the scientific research, and in some fields, this percentage may exceed up to 70%.”

(SOUNDBITE) Amal Belhadj Moussa – Minister of Tunisian Women:

“This award falls within the framework of women’s empowerment. The ministry works on empowering women in various fields, and the scientific dimension is at the forefront of these fields. Scientific empowerment has positive effects on development, and on solving all the dilemmas and problems experienced by Tunisian society, as well as by Tunisian women as a whole. The next session will be about the effects of climate change, as it is one of the current topics, we will make sure that participation is more broad, given that it is one of the weaknesses compared to the previous sessions, and even in this session, the number of candidates is low.”

(SOUNDBITE) Ali Merabet – Minister of Health:

“There is other research in the medium and long term, and we will see if these symptoms persist or go away, how they are treated, and how they are prevented.”

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